These terms and conditions apply to Wellington competitions only. All other Terms and Conditions can be obtained from the individual module operators.

Terms and Conditions:

By filling in this form you are registering for 2017 season and as the manager, are responsible for any monies owed.


Team withdrawal. If you wish to withdraw your team from the competition you can do so up until the specified date (20th July) with no penalty. Any withdraws after the specified date will be liable for the full season fee.


All team managers are responsible for having all players in their team and required details listed on their team registration sheets.  A maximum of 10 people can be registered per team.

To qualify for finals all players must be registered on the team sheet and have played 3 games of pool play throughout the competition.

Players may not register for two teams in the same grade  

MIXED. Teams are not permitted to have more than 3 males on the court at one time. If the team has more than 3 males on the court all players score 1 point regardless of gender. Players must be a minimum age of 14 years.



We understand that sometimes it can be a struggle to get a team together on the night. If you are struggling please let know so that we can help or at least find replacement players. Any team that defaults within a 24 hour period will be charged a $20 Default charge. We would rather help you play and find you some players then you suffer a default.


Code of Conduct 
Turbo Touch is a fast paced game and all touches should be kept to light touches with a minimum of physical contact. 
We ask that players act in a sportsmanship like manner and respect the referees decision at all times. 
Please direct all complaints and queries directly to the competition organiser. 


Health And Safety

I understand that there are risks inherent in the competition and that I may sustain loss or injury as a result of participating in the competition. 
I understand and agree that I am voluntarily participating in the competition and accept full responsibility for my own actions and safety. 

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the competition, I hereby release the Organisers and all persons and entities connected with the competition, from any liability from any and all losses whatsoever, whatever the cause that I may sustain. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the competition is intended to cover any loss or losses caused by a negligent act or a negligent failure to act. 
I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own medical insurance. 
I am aware this event will be a fun and enjoyable tournament to all and I will ensure my team will attend and be there by the stated time to keep things running smoothly. I realise failure to attend will inflict major problems to the running of the tournament. 


Privacy Act 1993

The information provided in this agreement may be used by Touch New Zealand (‘TNZ’) for the purposes of furthering the objectives of TNZ as contained in its Constitution, complying with its legal and statutory obligations, providing benefits to its members and the information may also be used in partnership with TNZ sponsors and partners to communicate relevant offers to you. TNZ may store this information for as long as is reasonably necessary to achieve these purposes. I consent to such use of the information I provide to TNZ and understand that I have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to access and correct my personal information held by TNZ. We will take every reasonable precaution to keep your information safe, and we will never sell your information to any other company.